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Ashley Baxter

Alec Anderson

Bryant started in the construction industry at a young age. With a passion for understanding how things were built, he gained experience in Framing and from there learned things about each trade until he was able to get his B100 Contractors License. With over 35 years of experience, he has the knowledge and dedication to provide customers with a quality project. In his spare time, he likes to go camping and spend time with his wife and four children.

Alexi Anderson

Project Manager


Alexi has always had an interest in the construction industry. She would go to job sites with her dad, Bryant, from the time she could walk and learn about each trade. Her experience is backed by a Bachelors Degree in Business Management. She has a passion for all things design and goes the extra mile for her clients. She enjoys horseback riding, outdoor activities and making desserts!

Alec is passionate about understanding how things work and has always liked working with his hands. He is willing to take the extra time to figure out complicated building situations and thinks ahead on how to make each project run smoothly. He is always looking for ways to improve himself and others. Outside of work he enjoys hunting, riding his RZR, hiking and spending time with his wife and two dogs.

Bryant Baxter


Ashley likes to keep up with the times and is always learning new things about the construction industry. She has a great eye for design and is able to help customers visualize the different elements of their project. Her vast construction experience and passion for design are just a couple of the great qualities our customers appreciate. She also has a great passion for culinary exploration and is always coming up with great new recipes!

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